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Vista Upgrade Question

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I just bought a new PC, and lucky me, I'm eligible for the free upgrade to Vista (which probably won't be to me for god knows how long).

Anyhow, I was running Vista on my old computer (RC2, and the "RTM" that was floating around the net; w/ my RC2 key).

Anyhow, I'm wondering, if I upgraded my current MCE to Vista (using the same CD and key I did before), would I then be able to just change my product key once whomever (HP/Microsoft, etc) sends me my very own CD?

I hate XP/MCE with a passion, and have gotten so used to Vista, but I want to make sure if I upgrade my "new" MCE to Vista, if I'll be able to change the product key to a "legit" (the one I have now expires May 2007) key that comes with my "legit" CD from HP/Microsoft?

Hopefully this posting isn't inappropriate, and I won't get flamed too badly :dead:


OSNN One Post Wonder
Your RC2 Product Key will NOT work with the RTM version of Vista.

I know the RC2 one wont. I'm saying, if and when I get my RTM CD (from HP), can I upgrade, thus entering the key I get WITH my RTM CD?

If I used the RTM that's on the net even (I think you still use an RC key, so it would be the same as USING an RC too I'm sure)..

Either way, if I installed the RTM thats "out there", and didn't active it (I can supposidly use it for 30 days, then reset the activation thing, up to two more times, total of 90 days), would I then be able to just enter MY key once I get my CD from HP?


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Vista is not available to the general public until January 30. This community will not assist you with this matter because we do not support non-legit versions of software/operating systems.

Please review the forum guidelines for more information.

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