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I'm Beginning Somehow...
8 Jun 2002
Is this the only version we can play with? No Home,Home Premium, or the like? :D
Its all the same not like there will be any real diff for home user's
Oh frill..... I thought maybe some of the other versions wouldn't be quite so resource hoggish!! For lack of a better word!! :D
Well some will be a little lighter cause there will be less services running in some of the lighter versions but again nothing that will be all that in your face obvious
Is this the only version we can play with? No Home,Home Premium, or the like? :D

Well, if you think about it, Ultimate has EVERYTHING inside so you can test and get used to it. I guess they want people to opt for the Ultimate edition when it's on general release in Jan - hoping to get a little bit more $$ from the consumers.
Dont see why the average joe would be using vista beta so I dont see how anyone expects them to sell more copies of something the "mass numbers" are not even looking at yet. I dont see why I would spend money or Ultimate at home there is no good reason to ...
Beta testers can check out any version they like, they will all just be missing something compared to ultimate though.
I did an Upgrade of RC1 (5600) from Home Edition. After everything has been completed and i begun to try and personalize it... each time i click on a link that requires the use of windows explorer i get this error msg..."Windows Explorer has stopped working." and after a few seconds I get another popup stating "windows explorer is restarting." Anyone know what the problem is and how to repair it or a Fix?

Here's the Specs on my CPU:-

Celeron 1.8Ghz,
512MB DDR Memory,
80GB WesterDigital HDD,
XFX GeForce 5200 128MB PCI Video Card
Sony 16x DVD-RW
There are actually going to be some differences between the builds. i think MS stated shortly after the Vista name was announced that.... i THINK the Home version won't have the Aero effect..... but i'm not 100% sure.

and i beleive you can test the Home, Home Premium, Pro, etc... versions, just need a different key. think it tells you what keys you have to use on Connect.

as it's been said.... why test a lower version when Ultimate has everything the others have, and more?
This is true... :) Oh well .. it was just a thought... Cheers!!
Home Premium will have Aero Glass
home basic will not.
Home Premium will be what 95% of users need as well,

obvioulsy not us, we all need Ultimate :)
I am going for Ultimate Premium Platinum edition.

edit: no it doesn't exist, but you should really check which version you need.
Do you really need Ultimate over Home Premum?

Windows Vista Home Basic Edition
- Equivalent to XP Home
-Includes firewall, parental controls, Security Center, Movie Maker, Photo Library and more
-For first time buyer / budget conscious

Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
- Everything from Vista Home Basic
- Adds DVD video authoring, HDTV support, DVD ripping support
- Similar to current XP Media Center edition but with added features

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
- "The best operating system ever offered for a personal PC"
- Superset of both Vista Home Premium and Vista Pro Edition
- Podcasting application, Game Performance Tweaker, possible free music/movie downloads

Not the best comparison, but I am basically wanting media center and domain support, seems there is only one solution :)
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I put a down payment on Ultimate Premium Platinum edition too.
heh.... i love the little marketing scheme.... "The best operating system ever offered for a personal PC". it's like they're expecting that one little statement to make people think "WOW.... i SOOO need that!"

but seriously..... i wonder what said "Game Performance Tweaker" is. you think it might be the thing they've talked about before, then went completely silent about? other running processes would be shut down if they weren't necessary to run the game? would be pretty awesome..... but dumb to have it in only one single version. If you ask me.... that'll make Vista even more tempting for people to bootleg than XP ever was..... How much they expecting to charge for each?
Some people are never happy , I will pay for what I want and I wont cry like a baby about it ..
I have been trying out all the versions by not entering a key during setup and then picking which version I want to install. First read about how to do it here.

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