Vista Ultimate - no extra Dreamscapes?


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21 Mar 2002
Vista Ultimate - no extra Dreamscenes?

Hello guys,

I got bored with Windows 7 so I put Windows Vista back on, though this time I used the Ultimate Edition that I bought a while ago. While the Dreamscene feature seems really cool, for some reason I am unable to download the extra content pack that was released a year or so ago. It is supposed to show up in Windows Update but my computer is now fully updated and there's nothing there in the Ultimate Extras section or elsewhere. I read on another forum that this may be because I have SP1 installed - someone said that the update will no longer appear once SP1 is installed. Since my copy of Vista came with SP1 integrated, I don't see any way of getting the extra content. As far as I know, there were about 4 extra videos released, one of a stream, one of a thistle and a couple of others that I can't remember.

Has anyone else ever had this problem, or does anyone know where I can get these videos other than from Windows Update.

I'm running a fully legit version of Vista incase anyone is wondering - I also have a spare key for Home Premium if anyone wants to buy one :)
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Oh yeah, thank for noticing :) I've changed fixed the title now.

I'll check out that link in a second, thanks.

PS What happened to the rep button? Is it still not back from that competition?

That link had some cool videos, but I've still not managed to get the "Content Pack" ones released by MS. There's a link to a post where someone has uploaded on that page you posted ( but sadly the links are now offline.

Seems a bit strange that I can't get the direct from MS.
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I find that it usually takes a few days between fully updating and the extra dreamscenes showing up. Not that I use them though with display fusion rotating through 1gb of images every 10 minutes :)
Ah ok - I'll wait a few days to see what happens.

I'd rep you both to say thanks but the buttons are still missing!

EDIT: Wohoo! Just got home, checked for updates and they're there! Thanks guys.
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Glad it's good to go - honestly don't really care about the rep system but appreciate the sentiment :)
Well, I considered it but my Vista installation needed a reformat and reinstall, so I'd have had to do that anyway - I just thought I'd give W7 a go first :)

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