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My trial of vista has run out. When i boot up and log in it asks me to register. IF i select the "access your computer with reduced functionality"choice i cannot acces my files which i would like to remove from my laptop and save on my main pc until i get XP back on. How can i access my files either to transfer them by USB stick or network(already set up).

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You might have been able to re-arm if you had done it before it expired, I think your choice would be to reinstall Vista and then you could recover your files. Be careful installing tho, make sure it doesn't specifically say you will lose all your data because I doubt it will be kidding, should be safe though. (as it would put the entire old system in a subfolder)

I would wait and see if there are any better suggestions tho!

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Also as far as upgrading from the Vista release candidates - it is actually possible and bizarrely one of the scenarios we as testers were asked to do, so you should hav eno problems upgrading your RC1 to the RTM build without losing any of your settings.


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I tried the upgrade from Vista RC1 to Vista Ultimate Final X64 version, it worked like a charm but was very slow compared to my initial Upgrade from Xp to Vista RC1.

The complete upgrade cycle took 3 hours.

On thing i did notice was that my my RC 1 Performance Index was higher with Vista Final (5.0) than with RC 1 (4.8).

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My memory only goes forward, so you can see the quandary here. Question… will I be able to install an OEM version by removing the XP hard drive (which is installed on a separate drive) over the top of RC1 which is on a different drive and then re-instating the dual boot file?




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Dave, good question. I don't think it would take well (RC1 was essentially a retail-like version). I would use "Windows Easy Transfer" to save your settings and such.

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