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Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 is Released


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For those of you on XP who want the Vista look and Feel, version 6.0 of the Transformation Pack was released on Christmas Eve :)



Something worth noting, I have read that this version may not peel off as cleanly as you would like if you choose to uninstall it, having something to do with replacing the old Windows XP icons.

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Also worth noting that Vista Transformation Pack changes some system files and system registry entries that could cause problems.


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Looks nice, will have to wait and see what the verdict is.

Not a big fan of system and reg file changes I have no control over.
Right now, I've got a few different styles and programs mixed to get this result, and I like it. I may move to this since it's all bundled together.
It's own thing. (Visual style) so you'd need UXtheme patcher.

And what was mentioned about the stability? Good bad changes? ???
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It didnt work too well for me as there were two taskbar buttons. One on the bottom which is useless for me as I have the taskbar at the top. It caused problems for maximised windows as there would be a gap at the bottom of the screen.

Uninstalling was fine until I rebooted. It wouldnt load up fully and keep restarting.

Two hours later after two failed recoveries Im back using the UXTheme patcher and the VSs.

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