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Vista to Vista File Sharing Not Working


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Wow I haven't posted in a long time...

I got myself a Media Center PC where I put all my torrents and whatnot. I'm trying to set up a shared folder on my laptop (Vista Business) so that I can add it to the Watched Folders on the Media Center PC (Vista Home Premium). Unfortunately the share doesn't seem to be working... I shared the folder on the laptop by choosing advanced sharing and enabling the usual things like permissions. When I try to access this folder through the MCPC, it says that I can't access it. I get a message saying I can't access it, and when I click on Diagnose, it says "...is available but the user account that you are logged on with was denied access."

I checked in the Network and Sharing Center, and on both computers the Password Protected sharing is turned off.

Is there any way to get this to work without making extra accounts just for this purpose?

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right click on the folder select share, and check the properties of the folder, also make sure that both pc and laptop have the same user name and password (makes it easier for sharing), then go to the network bit and make sure discover networks is on (this always gets me), and lastly check the firewall (if you use vistas one or any other) and make sure it is set to allow file sharing ports


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I have the same problem with 3 vista machines. All have same workgroup name, network discovery, full sharing.. but only the laptop allows sharing. 2 machines keep saying access denied, talk to your administrator. I would be interested in knowing if you have better luck than me.

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when you go to network do you get a little box pop up telling you network discovery is turned off, seems on vista here it does that after so long, and if i try to connect from any other pc i get the you are not allowed to access this resource error, turning it back on clears the problem


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I've had this problem before trying to access folders on another machine Vista>XP. Haven't really found a way to correct the problem but creating a separate shared folder allowed me to access it.
From XP>Vista, again, resorted to using Vista's default public folders instead.

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