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Vista SP2 DVD ISO images available on MSDN/Technet; SP2 release date [RTW]


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Follow up on the Vista SP2 articles posted by 3Dfiend:

Microsoft has posted the integrated/slipstreamed Vista SP2 DVD ISO image files for several editions of Vista on MSDN/Technet on May 11.

And reading the posts at the bottom of this page about Vista SP2/Server 2008 SP2:
Microsoft is expected to make SP2 available for download at MS Download Center and Microsoft Update/Windows Update [aka. RTW < release to web] on Tuesday May 26.
quite a long download (about 3/4 hour ) all went well .put onto DVD and installed easily,so far only opened outlook and it seems a lot quicker opening.:)


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That link is for the 5 language edition [aka. Wave 0] of Vista/Server 2008 SP2 for x86 systems.

yup. though it's only the 5 language edition of SP2.

for those using x64 based systems of Vista use this link:

Microsoft has recently released the "all language" [Wave 1] version of Vista/Server 2008 SP2 to MSDN/Technet subscribers on May 22. That edition of SP2 will be publicly available to MS Download Center in late June.

Earlier today, I did get a chance to install the 5 language standalone version of SP2 onto my mom's Dell laptop and it worked great.


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When are they releasing the Vista + SP2 integrated DVD (if they really are)?
the integrated or slipstreamed SP2 could be available to the public later this year (late summer or early fall) or whenever Microsoft finalizes Windows 7.
for those who have paid MSDN/Technet subscriptions, the slipstreamed Vista SP2 DVD image files are available at the MSDN/Technet subscription downloads pages.

Microsoft has posted Vista Service Pack 2 downloads for all languages on the evening of June 30.

Vista SP2 all language standalone x86 edition:

Vista SP2 all language standalone x64 edition:

Vista SP2 all language DVD iso image:

enjoy downloading & installing Vista SP2! :nervous:
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