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Vista: Right Click Explorer


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I know the past 2 days I have been posting a lot of questions, most of them simple I'd assume. I just have a hard time finding good answers with Google, and I trust your opinions anyways.

This next question is about Windows Explorer.

When I had XP, when I use XP I have always used Right Click on the Start Menu and click Explore. I normally clean it up by making all the things I don't want around to be hidden, makes it clean and simple. With Vista I can't seem to do that, all the extra crap is showing, and when it opens up its not at my documents folder, its at some other crap.

I was wondering how can I customize that, make it how XP was? I am hoping my question was clear, if more details are needed please ask. What are your ideas, suggestions?
You may be able to do some registry editing to get Vista to go to the Documents folder, I'm not sure what key it is though. As for hiding things, you can do that the same way as in XP.


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I don't think you can, I have a bunch of files hidden, though they still show up and yes I have it set in the options to not show them.
I want to make sure I understand correctly. You're saying that you've set the attributes for some files and/or folders to make them Hidden but that they're still being displayed in Windows Explorer even though it's set up not to show hidden files and folders? Is that correct?

If so, can you give an example of a file or folder you have tried this with? Anything common that all of us with Vista would be able to try it with?

Oh, also, are you saying you wish to make it so that when you right-click the Start Menu that it opens to your Documents folder? I always have to right-click "Documents" and choose Explore to do that, even under XP. If I right-click the Start Menu and choose Explore under XP I get the Start Menu folder. I'm not trying to be a smart ***, I'm truely just trying to understand so I can hopefully help you.
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