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Vista problem


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Hello everybody,
I am new on this forum and I wish I could get some useful advices from those of you what they have experieced already Windows Vista.Its wonderful, I like it, but I find it sometimes boring with all its new things, I am too much addicted and used to XP.

Regarding Vista, I encounterd a problem. The problem is that these programs of messenger are not working at all, programs such as Yahoo, MSN, or Skype do not work.I had installed them an reinstalled and nothing, Yahoo messenger it works sometimes and that times is disconnecting very often only in case that in connection preferences box of yahoo, I chose firewall with no proxy. Do any of you encounterd his kind of problem.
It might be a problem of antivirus, of windows firewall. I use AVG free trial antivirus.

Could any of you help me in solving this problem, even if I have a very performant computer, I can not use it for internet communication, which is very important for me.


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You could try disabling the windows firewall and seeing if that helps.
I wouldn't have thought AVG anti-virus would interfere although they also have a Firewall product.

Connection could be a problem, perhaps try disabling ipv6 or checking to see if there is a firmware update for your router or switch (if applicable)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thank you for answer,
I have tried even to disable the windows firewall and is not working.
I forgot to mention that once I took the computer to one friend house, and there all these messenger programs were working.So now it has sense, it might be a problem of firmware update of router or switch.
I really dont know how to check this or even to fix. could you tell me please, I may try, and maybe is going to work after that.

Thank you!


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Welcome Lontos, something I have found in that problem is your internet may have a weak signal also, who is your net proivder? Comcast and other boardband proivder can boost your signal if you have I'm come out check.

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