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1 Mar 2003
I have an older system with two HDs and on one is XP pro and on the other I want to test install Vista to see how it works with my various software and some of my existing hardware such as my cannon all in one printer and my dvd burner. My computer only has a barton athlon 3200+ cpu, 1gb of memory, older IDE HD, and a ATI all-in-wonder 9600 video card. The advisor says it will run Vista ok, but I am planning on building an all new system with a c2d processor, 2gb ram, much better video card and a LCD monitor.

My question is: Is it legal, or possible to install it to run as a dual boot on my second HD now, not activate (just to learn and test) it and then in a couple of months when I have my new system built, wipe out my first installation on this and install it fresh and avtivate it.

I don't want to wait until I get my new system built to try and learn and test it out.

I read Microsoft lets you exend the test period up to 90 days without activation for testing purposes.
You can only reset vista 3 times to give a total 90-days to use it without activation. However you will get absolutely no support from microsoft unless you are a registered system builder.
What do you mean by support? I can get the updates from MS, right? I usually come here or to other forums for my questions/support. I am an experienced computer user and haven't needed customer service from MS for XP so I don't forsee using their customer service with Vista.
It is against the EULA and therefore illegal to install an OEM copy on hardware other than the hardware it was purchased with.
EULA's are illegal (more unenforcable) in Europe :p figure that one out with your statement
He would be in violation of the EULA to install an OEM copy on hardware that it was not purchased with. The licensing agreement states that OEM copies are for system builders only. Is that better? =)

He's in Microsoft country!
My advice " dont go there"
I have an OEM version of Vista as mentioned in a previous thread.
As Matt said you should link the OEM operating system to the original hardware only.
If you want to pay more ( and who does ) get a full copy that can be moved from one PC to another .
Actually, the cheapest version of Windows Home Premium is the 'Academic Edition' - if you're a student just buy that! If you're not a student, just buy one for your friend who is a student :)
I work as an instructional assistant at a middle school, do I qualify for a Academic edition?

Also, I have not seen anywhere that sells an academic version of Vista, just MS office 2007.
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I work as an instructional assistant at a middle school, do I qualify for a Academic edition?

Also, I have not seen anywhere that sells an academic version of Vista, just MS office 2007.

Based on the last Academic EULA I saw you do qualify (students or teachers).

Note That according to some posts I saw the Premium academic verison only has a 3 day grace period, same as the corporate version.
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