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vista has recovered from unexpected shutdown

Perris Calderon

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so I get the blue screens about twice a week, there is a dump file created, the os restarts

a windon comes up, windows has recovered from...blah blah blah

then it gives me these options;

you can go on line to see if there is a solution to this problem

1) go on line later

and that is it, there is no "go on line now" (which I prefer), there is no "don't go on line" there is nothing but the option "go on line later"

first, I have no clue what "later" means and it seems after a few weeks I get a notification on what caused the problem and how it might be fixed

but this has to be a bug, they can't offer "go on line later" without a "go on line now
I always get the go on line now option. Then 3 web transfers later I would end up at the software vendors site where I would be told for $500 I could upgrade to a fully Vista compliant version of my paid for program.

Which is why I uprgaded my Vista machine to Windows XP Pro....

That was not a whine, it was a resolution suggestion.

American Zombie

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Right-click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab then click on Settings at the bottom alongside Startup and Recovery. In System Failure untick ‘Auto Restart’.

With auto restart off the STOP error will be displayed on the screen and maybe the driver causing it.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Same here. One of the ati drivers caused a reboot but after that, the only time my system has even been completely off (not sleep mode) has been when I've had to reboot for mandatory Windows Updates.


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