Vista does not recognize optical drives.


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hi all,

I have another vista machine here, Vista Business.

Anyways, I installed 2 PATA dvd burners into it. Vista lists them in the device mangler, but with a yellow exclamation mark beside them. They are not shown under "Computer". I tried a firmware download from Sony to no avail.

I got 2 more, two Samsung SATA DVDburners this time. Again, the same thing, listed in the device mangler, but with exclamation marks, and I cannot use them under "Computer"

How can I fix this?


As far as the PATA ones, do you have both drives' jumpers set correctly? Either both on Cable Select or one on Master and the other on Slave?

I don't know about the SATA ones. I haven't bought any but I wouldn't expect them to have jumpers so I wouldn't think that'd be a problem.

One question applies to both, though. Can you boot a bootable CD/DVD from them? In other words without booting Windows first, can you boot directly from a disc in one of those drives?

If so, honestly it sounds like a driver problem. Since Vista should have any driver those drives should need, I would go farther then and say it sounds like a Windows problem. Is re-installing Windows Vista an option?
Thanks, "edor"

You just gave me an idea.

I can use the repair Windows function on the DVD.

Yes I can boot into the DVDrom, but I can't see them in Windows itself.


Hehe, thanks. There's a story or two behind that.

My last name is Eckenrode. In 1986 in Basic Training, some people started calling me the Road Warrior, due to my name and probably the fact that I was very resistant to conforming and liked to do things my own way, which didn't benefit me at all but...

I was specialized in communications, so whenever there was an opportunity, I signed less official computer messages with "The Road Warrior".

I was only signed up for two years, and after I got out in 1988 I got into computer BBSs, starting at 1200 baud. I would've gotten into this four years earlier but at that time I never got the 300 baud modem I had bought to work. When thinking of a handle to use from then on, I combined "The Road Warrior" with the spelling of my name and decided to type it backwards out of further rebeliousness (?) and non-conformity.

I used macros some for signing my messages but by the end of 1988, I could type roirraW "edor" ehT like it was natural. A few times I would type an entire message backwards, probably for no good reason.

I think it's maybe once in a blue moon that someone actually points out to me that they think I have "edor" spelled wrong. I can only vaguely remember a couple times in the past twenty years. Of course, spelling things wrong on purpose has gotten more and more common; or even by accident but fully accepted anyway.

Now you got a story you didn't really ask for. LOL.

FYI, I'm originally from Lancaster, PA.

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