Vista Delayed Again


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Next operating system won't reach consumers until January 2007

Tom Sanders in California, 22 Mar 2006


Microsoft has delayed the release of its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system to 2007.

The application will be made available to enterprises in November this year.

Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin in a conference call said that the company decided to push back the release date of the consumer version of the operating system because computer manufacturers required more time to test and prepare their systems.

Microsoft was confronted by quality issues that caused the release to be pushed back "a few weeks". This prompted manufacturers to ask the software vendor to delay the consumer to 2007 because they had insufficient time to test and prepare their systems for availability this calendar year.

"Quality is the top line message. We needed just a few more weeks," Allchin said. "We'll release to manufacturing and we'll sit on the disk for the consumer launch."

Windows Vista was originally promised for the second half of 2006.

The decision to delay the release of the consumer version of Windows Vista will cause the software to miss the 2006 holiday shopping season. That could have a negative impact on PCs sales for this year, analyst Gartner warned earlier this month.

Windows Vista is currently in beta and has been made available to a limited group of testers. The application has been feature complexe as of the last beta release. The next test version is slated for the second quarter of this year and will be available to a broader group of testers.


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This is almost conspiratorial in a sense, they are mirroring Sony's release date for the PS3. eh, whatever as I posted my info for the beta tester.


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Cripes, this had better the be best damn OS that microsoft ever release. They have had enough time on it.

On the flip side its nice to see that they aren't rushing to push it out the doors prematurely. There really has been a fundamental shift in the way Microsoft works it would seem.


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Geffy said:
On the flip side its nice to see that they aren't rushing to push it out the doors prematurely. There really has been a fundamental shift in the way Microsoft works it would seem.
Thank WindowsME :)


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Internet peeps:"St00pid windows is so insecure M$ sux0rs"
MS:"Ok then, we'll secure it, we'll secure the HELL out of it!!... but it will take a while longer"
Internet peeps:"But i want it now, st00pid M$ with their product delays"
Khayman kills peeps
The end


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At least Jim A. has the kahuna's to not put the blinders on and put out a product realizing it won't be ready. Jim knows he is safe at this point in the company since he'll retire after Vista but this is the stuff that just lights up BG. You know he is just livid about the progress of Longhorn/Vista project and this will change the talking heads show again at ms-Vista.

Heads are going to start getting lopped off after BG gets wind of some of his people bad mouthing the Vista team and MS in general. YIKES! check out the Mini-Microsoft blog apparently dicussion between MS employees.. (credit link to Andy13 over at NeoWin) I would expect this blog to be closed real soon!

Great stuff here guys. Here is one quote from a developer yesterday.
" Why, you ask, wasn't my stuff ready on time? Because everybody works the same way, only intensifying their efforts around milestones. Tests weren't run, bugs were laying dormant, people were allocated to side, pet projects and vendors only pay attention to pri 0 bugs older than 2 weeks (if not longer). It all shows up now, and it's all important. Yes, it's my fault for not screaming earlier, but there must be at least two of us, 'cause I didn't write Vista by me onesy. It's also the manager's fault, for he didn't take steps to streamline my work. It's his manager's fault, too, 'cause he didn't infer from the greater picture that things are not moving progressively. See where I'm going? It's all of us, and the higher the rung we're clinging to, the greater the responsibility."
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So does that mean rumors of the current build being "feature complete" are not correct? Or is the 60% just security and bugs?



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Knowing microsoft, the code is 75% bugs and holes. They just won't have time to fix the remaining 15%


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I don't know, I stopped read when the letter from the MS exec started in that story.

But 60% X 50 million = 30 million lines of code! Think it might be delayed even further?


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I skimmed the entire thing, nothing really worth a grain of salt in there. Just rumors that have already surfaced in other articles. There really isn't much mention of anything rock-solid.

I bet they did this so no one would win the "Guess the Vista Launch date contest" :p


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60% Of Windows Vista Code To Be Rewritten

Up to 60% of the code in the new consumer version of Microsoft new Vista operating system is set to be rewritten as the Company "scrambles" to fix internal problems a Microsoft insider has confirmed to SHN.

In an effort to meet a dealine of the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas Microsoft has pulled programmers from the highly succesful Xbox team to help resolve many problems associated with entertainment and media centre functionality inside the OS. The team are also working closely with engineers from the Intel Viiv team. and it is now expected that the next version of Viiv could be delayed to line up with the launch of the consumer version of Vista at the 2007 CES Show in Las Vegas.


Confirmed hogwash. :D
I talked to someone in the Vista group last night, and got the same response.

Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? You know, verifying your news sources and all those things that reporters used to do back in the day, but have now been flushed down the drain?

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