Vista crashes all the time


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8 Dec 2001
I get nothing but Errors, Desktop Manager Crashes, BSOD and my stupid task bar that keeps flashing while just sitting here doing nothing. Vista reminds me of damn Windows ME. I guess it's time to go back to XP... I wish I could get fraps to work so I can record this #*$#(@ taskbar that keeps flashing.
I have two copies of vista sitting here waiting to be installed (One Ultimate, one premium) but I tihnk I'm going to wait a little while for a little more stability
Vista runs great for me and I have not had any problems. I can even run games from Win 98 days that would not run on XP at all.
I'm having a hell of a time with my rig. I have the Ultimate Version and I don't know if it's a memory issue or what but I tend to Crash alot.
Vista runs great for me and I have not had any problems. I can even run games from Win 98 days that would not run on XP at all.
No problems here either. Running Ultimate on both a desktop and a Tablet PC, with two very different configurations (AMD + NVIDIA in one, Intel + ATI in the other), and other than that one silly activation/validation issue that I had after installing the new nForce 4 drivers, both machines have been rock solid and are performing great. :)
I ran MemTEST to make sure my ram wasn't the culprit. My Memory is good.
hell, i can't even get passed the performance check that comes right after installing without it BSOD'ing on me. always getting page faults and just random BSOD's. Even used vLite to make a custom Vista disc (Business), with the NForce and Forceware and Audigy 2 ZS drivers installed off the bat.... that didn't even work. so basically.... at this point, chances are i won't be able to install Vista at all unless i use a self-modified disc with good quality drivers, and POSSIBLY updates that i'd have to find from somewhere, somehow.
Upgrade or clean install?

If upgrade then remove all your drivers and make sure you disable serial keys as Vista does not support them.

Windows Vista does not support Serial Key devices. If you are upgrading and you currently use Serial Keys with an alternative input device, you must turn off Serial Keys and install another input option before the upgrade. To turn off Serial Keys in Windows XP, open Accessibility Options in Control Panel. On the General tab, under Serial Key devices, clear the Use Serial Keys check box
I would also remove anti virus and any antispyware apps you have. After Vista is up and running then upgrade your drivers.
well..... mine's a clean install. i'm using an 8800GTX, which is known for not working very often in Vista as of yet..... but some people that were having the same trouble i have been having have gotten theirs to work with Vista, and i just can't figure out what the hell i'm missing.
Are you sure it is the video card and not some USB or other device?

Try installing without entering your key using a different video card installed (if possible) just to see if that is indeed the problem.
I would assume your issues are related to drivers or software. I, too, have installed Ultimate and have no issues. All of my drivers are for Vista x86 (and Vista x86 only). All of the drivers are RTM with exception of the Creative X-Fi drivers.

What else are you running, software wise, on your system; especially when it crashes?
I had no issues with VISTA crashing, even in the BETA versions on my old machine, funny
Windows + Tab = Crash
Hidden Task Bar = Constant Flashing while just sitting idle without moving the mouse.
BF2142 = Crash and BSOD <- I think this is an issue with BF2142, Ventrilo and X-Fi. My reasoning behind this all my friends who have this setup have had issue with vent muting itself when switching maps in BF2142, CTD and when I BSOD the other day during map change. My friend on vent CTD at the same point, he is running XP.
What other software are you running? What security suite? Are all of your drivers 64-bit drivers?

Have you considered using 32-bit since 64-bit support is lacking?
What other software are you running? What security suite? Are all of your drivers 64-bit drivers?

Have you considered using 32-bit since 64-bit support is lacking?

What you mean software running? I have a load of other programs on my computer. SpyBot, Adaware, Crap Cleaner, Windows Defender, and A-squared. BF2, R6Vegas, GR:AW, UT2K4, Steam and HL2 and a lot of others. I'm using Windows Firewall and Avast AV. All my 64 bit drivers are installed. Nope I didn't have an option to install 32 bit..
Maybe one of those programs are causing your troubles. I don't know why anyone would need three malware programs running. I don't even think SpyBot and Ad-Aware are Vista certified. I would start with uninstalling those programs and go from there.
Yeah, it sounds like a combo of incompatibly with both vista and 64bit configs. I would go threw and uninstall each app to find what it is, then don't reinstall the culprit until an update comes out.

Also, I agree with Matt. You don't need three malware programs running. Heck, I don't have any running and never run into problems.
well..... seeing as i was able to install Vista and kinda run it with my SLI'd 7900GT setup prior to upgrading to the 8800GTX.... i'm assuming that it IS the video card that's giving me all the problems during the install.
If you're running NVIDIA stuff, you will have problems. I had 2 video cards that were Nvidia based and both would give me the blue screen of death, I put in an ATI 1650 video card and got rid of the Nvidia drivers and everything was fixed. I heard that Nvidia stuff is not geared up for Vista, even though they say they are.

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