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Vista Business x64, Questions / Problems!


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey guys,

I'm new to the Windows Vista x64 environment. I have a couple of questions / problems, and I'm sure more will crop up in the future, so I would like to get them answered in this thread. My hardware is listed beneath my signature.

1) My computer really wasn't doing much other than updating WoW. Checking out the task manager, it was not using any processor usage. However, when I was moving the mouse around, it would sometimes lock up for a brief second like it was doing something. I definitely do not expect this to happen on this PC. What can I check to determine the problem?

2) I reviewed the post about the administrator options, and I would love to do that. Unfortunately I have already installed some applications under the account that I made with it. How can I follow those instructions to make the primary administrator account, and also not have any problems with the handful of apps I installed?

3) I temporarily installed my IDE hard drive in the system so that I could copy files over. Would this cause #1 to happen having this drive installed?

4) I partitioned the drives so that I have the OS partition on one (25gb), and everything else on the other. Will I have problems with programs in the future?

5) Since I partitioned the drive, I'm afraid of having all of my documents and settings (or whatever it is now) on my C partition. Can I change this to D, and how would this be possible?

Question 1: Is it still doing it ?
Question 2: What ?
Question 3: Did it stop doing it after you were done with the transfers ?
Question 4: Don't worry, be happy !
Question 5: Backup your important files to an external drive or to DVD if you are that concerned.


Somewhat eXPerienced
Thanks Guy,

1) I thought that this was resolved for a reboot, however it doesn't appear so. I think it has to do with any kind of CDRom activity. When installing the components on my motherboard, I setup my hard drive as SATA_0 and my DVDRW as SATA_1.
2) My concern was following the instructions to enable the Administrator account, and disable UAC. The problem was me being worried about having applications already installed as the user whom I created on Vista. It doesn't appear that there were any problems though.
3) Non-issue now. :)
4) Thanks!
5) I don't have a backup hard drive to back things up to. Is there a way to change the folder / location where my administrator's profile is located?

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