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Vista Beta Question

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Well the beta keys will always work on the Windows Vista betas and perhaps some of the release candidates depending on the key.

They won't work on the final and I am not sure if there is anyway to get a legit beta key, especially with rumours of the RTM coming this month.

Dark Atheist

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is anyone using the 5840 build ? if is it more stable than the others - i have a beta key (legit) and that build and was thinking of testing it out on this pc (others are old and cant handle it) :( so was going to use it on here for a month or so to get the feel of it, but if its a buggy unstable version i wont bother

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
5840 was tap only so although it has leaked, anyone legitimately using it should be under an NDA so can't talk about it.

It's pretty close to the RTM version I hear so should be stable anyway, just gotta wait a little bit longer.

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