Vista and Sound Blaster Audigly LS... I want CMSS!! Any way?


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10 Mar 2004
Ok, well here is my dilemma. I have surround sound speakers hooked up to my Sound Blaster Audigy LS and have windows vista with the latest creative driver installed. But my problem is that from what i can tell the driver doesn't have the CMSS feature yet which enables a 2 channel stereo sound (like mp3s) to be played through all 4 surround sound speakers and not just the front two. Is there a way to get CMSS working in Vista or any other software solution that will do this for me??? There is nothing in the speaker settings that does it in vista, already checked.
- Mike
Creative is working on this (god knows it will be slow...) as the Vista audio stack no longer allows direct hardware access to audio hardware, all Creative hardware effects now have to be emulated in software. In addition, I'm sure Creative is putting more effort into the X-Fi drivers.
We will see.... I'm not impress with the "Beta" drivers at all...
I have an Audigy (standard) - the drivers have CMSS on them? Just open Creative Audio Console on the latest ones and navigate to the right tab.
I have an Audigy (standard) - the drivers have CMSS on them? Just open Creative Audio Console on the latest ones and navigate to the right tab.

Well i use the Audigly LS and there is no Creative Audio Console for download yet. It even says when i go to to download the drivers for creative that they support only basic settings and speaker setups which can be adjusted only through the control panel in vista. Bummer.. I sure hope they do release the CMSS and creative console thingy for my card! I would hate to be neglected here! Its already taking Lexmark eons to release a vista driver for my printer! What I dont get is why its taking the hardware companies so long, i mean haven't they had vista for almost a year to play with and develop drivers???
- Mike
Ummm the only other way is to force the install of XP drivers, but I know that's not very stable. You could also try to force the install of the Audigy (standard) drivers by extracting them and then installing them?

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