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Vista and ATI

Just reinstalled Vista now that I got that ATI card. Just got blown away again heh :D

The difference over the 7800GTX is night and day.
X1950XTX. I wasn't having problems per se, just felt like I was dragging the windows over sticky tar compared to how smooth it responds with ati.


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Yah, and I love that CCC now instantly opens :)

Although I use ATi traytools. Much more convenient.


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I think 7.4 is causing hiccups with my system. There is a strange delay when logging into or locking/unlocking the computer. This started happening right after I installed 7.4.

Shamus MacNoob

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The only difference is the XTX is all together a faster card , its not because it is ATI or Nvidia , your not using the same grade of card , thats why it seems faster , makes perfect sense , show me where the 2 cards are = and then we will say well it is ATI that was the difference not the speed of the card.

example here


That shouldn't make any difference in 2D operations though surely?

My new ATI is clocked at 500/1000 in 2D mode and 650/2000 in 3d mode according to the CCC


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Kermit, maybe Lord is running his Vista w/o Aero :cool:

I keed, I keed :D

Lord, what differences in speed are you talking about m8?
In terms of Vista UI, with my 7800GTX there would be some lag between clicking and dragging and the UI responding. When windows are moving it would "feel" like I was dragging paper of adhesive tape or pulling a sheet out from between two books.

With the ATI it's click, drag, stop as I click, drag and stop moving the mouse. It's somewhat hard to describe as it wasn't exctl sluggish or unresponsive with the nvidia card. It just wasn't as responsive as XP's interface was. With the ATI card it is.

It is much improved but I can't put my finger on anything specific.

Whether its down to physically faster hardware, better drivers or something else. Vista is much improved with the ATI card over the nvidia card.


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The card stays in 2D mode (low clock settings) untill a call is made on specific D3D DX components.

I couple old games I had wouldn't trip the 2D-3D change.

Plus my X1800XTPE doesn't trip over.

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