Vista 32/64 bit?


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12 Apr 2002
Okies, I am sort of deciding whether to move to Vista Ultimate 64-bit or leave it at the 32-bit version.

Pro's/con's between the two and is there a stability issue at all?

Also, has anyone been able to get F@H running problem free on Vista-64?

Cheers and all that jazz :cool:
Don't go for 64 bit yet. Only WHQL drivers will install and they are pretty scarce at the moment. It's bad enough with 32 bit at the moment!
from what i gather, the absolute difference between the two is the memory support. can't see any other differences between the two in terms of performance improvements.
64 bit should be faster, but there may not be any difference in normal usage

and between drivers and software compatibility, expect to have tons of headaches with the 64 bit version
Off Topic:

Jesus, will the PC world ever transition to 64-bit computing?

Off Topic:

Jesus, will the PC world ever transition to 64-bit computing?

If we do, your signature will still be chopped :smoker:

I would recommend 32-bit for now Saz, driver support is lacking and also you should check if your A.V. of choice works on 64-bit. I know Matt for instance started with 64 and went to 32 since WOC doesn't run on 64 :eek:
We'll only get mainstream 64 bit usage when people are routinely using more than 4 GB of RAM and are forced into it. When manufacturers see that coming up, they'll get a move on with 64 bit drivers.
we will if MS launches a 64-bit only OS to businesses. the domino effect will follow.
it looks like intel's been on the right path these last years... multi core is the way to go and mainstream 64bit computing is still far away (which is what amd has been promoting as the obvious next step)
I didn't have any problem with drivers. The only problem I ran into was software that wouldn't install on a 64-bit OS. In the end I went back to 32-bit for the time being, but it was nice to see all 4GB though.
It's about a 30-45 min dl for me to get the vista ultimate dvd so I figured I'd ask before wasting my time.

Thanks all :)
I've had a few problems with drivers for some peripherals on v64. but not major components.
some 64bit apps run faster for me.

theres other things like kernel protection and such on 64 (as well as begin able to have more ram etc)
I just left it with ultimate 32-bit.

Trying to figure out where I can get more dreamscene's :D
Cheers Matt, already have that. Wincustomize has a few others but I was checking if there was any other location with more.

DeviantArt doesn't seem to have anything :(
we will if MS launches a 64-bit only OS to businesses. the domino effect will follow.

There would be hell to pay by trying to force the worlds largest corporations to have to rewrite and upgrade to 64bit , things will move to 64bit at a snails pace seeing as Vista is 32bit or 64bit means we are a good 5 years away.
I am not sure but Buisness is 32bit

Windows Vista Ultimate comes with both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions in the box, on separate DVDs; purhcasers of other retail 32-bit Vista versions can order the 64-bit version from Microsoft for a nominal fee.

For the most part, the x64 support in each Vista edition is identical. One exception is that they each support different amounts of RAM. Vista Home Basic (and Home Basic N) support up to 8 GB of RAM, compared to 4 GB for all 32-bit versions of Vista. Home Premium, meanwhile, supports 16 GB. And Business (and Business N), Enterprise, and Ultimate all support 128 GB or more of memory. (The "or more" bit refers to the fact that there are currently no PCs available yet that suport over 128 GB of RAM; when that happens, these Vista versions will support it.)
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i couldnt imagine having that much ram.

i have a question though ... would it somehow be possible to say ...stack a bunch of flast drives together ... say you had 20 4g flash drives .... and you hooked them all into one usb via splicing or whatever ... i guess what im saying ... would it be possble to raid the flash drives as aworking 80g flash drive supporting say your operating system?

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