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Visio 2002 activation


Act your wage.
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I purchased Office XP a while back, installed it and went ahead and activated it because apparently I had to. I got Visio 2002 earlier this week, installed it, and it says it will only run 9 more times before I have to activate it too! This whole activation thing is ticking me off, and it's not that activation is difficult, it's just that Microsoft is making me do it, and I just don't want to this time! I just want to use the product that I paid for without having to get extra permission from a bunch of billionaires! Can I make this activation go away in Visio, or do I have to activate it too? :huh:
Even if there are ways to circumvent activation, they can't be discussed here. I understand your feelings ... hope you understand the rules of the forum too.



Act your wage.
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I thought that these things could be discussed as long as no links were posted to warez sites or tools. Is this not correct?
Yup, you're right. :)

Your question was: "Can I make this activation go away in Visio, or do I have to activate it too?"

Well, if you want to keep things legal ... yes, you will have to activate. Kind of a pain, but that's the way it is :huh:

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