Virus/Spyware XP Anti-Viurs 08

omg its nlm

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10 Jan 2004
Anyone else been getting hit with this? I have not but a lot of people are my office our getting it. Not sure if its via email or what?
That is a new one I never heard of either.
My cousin just called he said he clicked a link in an email and something happened and how he has this app.
i have seen that a few times while doing my work trials, it is indeed spyware and a royal pain in the ass
the tech place im at has a custom health cheek program which removes most crap - think its just norton part of it, most spyware and avs should clean it away
i have seen this when you install limewire in the past. i work at circuit city (firedog) and i see a lot of virus'/spyware come through. but this one can be a pain the rear end to remove.
we get many callouts & pc's in our shop for cleanups of this antivirus2008/2009 rubbish.

best removal tool ive found is running combofix in safe mode

most antivirus/spyware apps wont protect against it with standard definitions, as numerous variants are released daily.. (something like nod32's heuristics may well detect even new ones)

one customer we had actually registered for the spftware, which cost him £84, then £20 every 30mins was taken out of his account, until barclaycard put a block on his card.

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