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Virus Maybe?

My friend just called me and said when he first goes into IE right after a fresh boot or reboot this shows in the address bar: http://homep% ...This address is much longer....>

He can't get any antivirus to run. He has tried Trendmicro online and it tells him there isn't anything however it couldn't scan system32.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

so the only anomalous behaviour is in IE? What is preventing the running of any AV? Can he run a hijackthis! and does it show anything up? I think more info will be needed to go anywhere wth this


It says open intranet, why don't you just change you start page to blank about:blank
I will pass the information along. The funny thing is that I installed all the above mention programs on his computer when I built it. Told him to update often and run them at least every other day. Do they listen NO!!!!! Guess who is the first person to get the phone call. Then you have to go around and around with them cause they do not have a clue about computers. Do I ever learn.. NO...

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