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Virus attack?


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Hi everyone, I was recently on an anime site, I think it was animevideo.com, anyways, an advertisement of some sort popped up and opened another window on IE, which never loaded, it just slowed my computer down. AVG free edition then detected threats on my computer, the first was from a Sony folder in the program files that was classified as a trojan horse, then it detected 2 more from my drivers folder one of which was a .sys file.

Now after quarantining the threats and deleting the Sony threat, my computer is still horribly running slow. It takes an average of 10 minutes to boot fully compared to the 2 minutes it took before. And as I type now, I cannot even see my words in the text box right away, it takes awhilef or ti to appear.

I was wondering if there was any alternative to formatting, which seems to be my only option right now. I cannot system restore, because the shut down stops at "Saving your settings" and when I force shut down, it interrupts the system restore. It still stops at that point everytime I try to shut down. I would not like to format mostly because of the drivers I have on this laptop, I do not even know wheere to begin to search for these devices' drivers. PLease help because alot of my work is on this computer and I cannot lose any more valuable time formatting it. Thanks in advance.
Firstly, look for active virus sheild. It's free like AVG but far, far superior. If you cannot clean the infection with that you would need to reformat completely. If you have a factory restore disk I would use that.
Active virus sheild is Kaspersky... go get it, install it and use it. No arguments. Your laptop vendor should have a special key stroke or cd you can use to get to the recovery tools.
Can I get a Hijack This peeps?

Please run Crap Cleaner as well. I wouldn't be upset if you updated and ran Adaware and Spybot as well.

oh, this is totally IMO, toss out your AV software - I use it on the infrastructure (server farms) but I havn't used any at home in a year. Infection free.

If you really need it for piece of mind, Lord's suggestion is an excellent one, and AVG is low on overhead (using up fewer CPU cycles) as well.

Even the best AV software is useless against a 0 day exploit.
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