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Virtuall memory



My WinXP Pro always complains about to little virtuall memory when I turn XP off...

I have 256 mb ram, how big should the virtuall memory be?
My current choise is:
min: 384mb
max 512mb
On C: were XP is installed.

I have several others partitions on the HD, should every partition have its own virtuall memory ?
how big?

Hope for help.
// hobbe

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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first, you need to know that there is never a penalty for a pagefile that's too large, but there is a penalty for a pagefile that's too small...I don't know what use your computer is for, but try this;

try 512 minimum, 1536 maximum...dissregard how large the maximum seems...the figure is meaningless, as the pf will never get that big...we're hoping 512 is plenty for you, and the pf should not expand with this initial minimum...let me know what happens.

when you make this change, reboot, then use this free pagefile deffrag program...set it to defrag, then reboot...;et us know what happens...I'm getting the idea this is not your problem, but we'll soon find out...I won't see your results till tomorrow...good luck


all i would do is get at least 512 megs of ram and just turn the crap off thats what i did never had a problem again anything over 512 you should be safe to turn off your paging file i recommend at least 768 thou so you have extra ram to play with currently running 1.5 gig ddr 2700 never have a problem with paging file dont have one dont belive in one

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
turning the pf off is slowing you down, and you don't know it...that's because xp will page somewhere else if there's no pagefile, this os will always write backup stores and files...the pagefile lets the os page the least used features of a program, instead of just what's handy...when you turn it off, some of the most used features will get written to disc instead of the unnessesary features...you will need to access the harddrive at times when you otherwise wouldn't...bad choice, bad idea.

also, programs will crash, like ie, and you won't be blaming it on your pf or the size of it, you'll just think it's a buggy program.

the only people that will benefit from turning the pagefile off are the people that do it behind your back to mess up your box...then it's a fine idea

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