Virtual PC 2007 RTM now available

Virtual PC 2007 is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation, providing a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications while you migrate to a new operating system. It also saves reconfiguration time, so your support, development, and training staff can work more efficiently.

Virtual PC 2007 runs on: Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Windows Vista Ultimate.


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I guess it is safe to assume that you do not need to uninstall the RC.

You must uninstall previous releases (Beta 2 or Release Canidate) prior to installing the RTM.
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sorry to be such a noob, but besides compatibility, is there any reason to play with Virtual PC? I got a copy from my school, but I have no idea where to use it, or why to use it. Any good informative website suggestions?


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I use Virtual PC as a virtual lab to test software (without installing it on my production box), stay current with XP (now that I am using Vista full time), and to try out new server software.


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anyone knows why is vista home premium not supported?
Because virtualization in general is not allowed in the Home/Home Premium license. Technically, i think the EULA license refers to running Home or Home Premium as a guest in a virtual machine.. not 100% sure why they would also not allow Home/Home Premium to RUN virtualization software..

I think in their "infinite" wisdom, they probably believe that a "home" user would have no need to run a virtual machine. And if you have a need for a "virtual" machine, you are really running a business and should therefor get a "business" edition of the OS.

What it all really comes down to is microsoft trying to get as much money as they can.. gotta love M$. :)


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it will run fine.. it just won't be supported.

Same thing in that you can install vista home into virtual hardware fine.. it just won't be supported (and you are then violating the license agreement). I don't think there is the same license stipulation in running VirtualPC on Vista Home however.. only if you want to run Vista Home within a virtualPC.

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Yeah, FX-57 is quite old and Vista keeps telling me I need to upgrade it.
Trying to hang on for Quadfather :D

I am still a single core user :p

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