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I have installed a game for the kids, no high flying graphics card needed or anything, I have had it on before but now i have installed it again ,it wont run and i get a message reading .

This program requies at least 3Mb of free virtual memory to run.

I have checked this and windows is managing it.I also have GIGS of space on the HDD that its installed on. Any ideas????


Try Checking your Virtual Memory Settings

Try checking your virtual memory settings. Windows usually handles all the dynamic resizing and such of your swap file (where things in virtual memory are stored). Hold down your windows key and hit break (right up page up key). Your system properties should come up. Search around for a group of settings called Performance Settings and you should be able to change things in there. There are many different opinions about how much virtual memory you need but I go with a complete gig. It's probably overkill but I know that I probably will never run out with that much. You can set both the minimum and the maximum to the same number; this way Windows does not have to spend cycles dynamically changing the size of your swap file. Go here for more info.
Hope this helps.


There should be a program called dxdiag.exe in C:\Windows\System32 that you can use to check your DirectX stuff. Try running it and doing some of the tests.


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Sounds like an earlier version of DirectX has naffed up your DX Media files (earlier versions didn't always check to ensure a newer version wasn't already installed.)
I go along with the majority, reinstall DirectX, although what version you choose will determine if ya can the game or not. Have a browse through the game's install CD, and try to find a folder containing the DirectX exe. This should give you some clue as to which version the game likes.


Director Player 6.0 has nothing to do with DirectX, it has something to do with Macromedia Director and is quite an old version.

From what a Google search brought up the problem seems to be that you have too much ram and pagefile. As I understand some of these older programs can't interprete these huge numbers and "think" there is no pagefile at all.


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Originally posted by yoyo
Director Player 6.0 has nothing to do with DirectX, it has something to do with Macromedia Director and is quite an old version.
Thought it was DIRECTPLAYER 6.0? or is DIRECTPLAYER 6.0 part of Director Player 6.0?....*scratches head*

Which is it yoyo?:confused:

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