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Virtual Memory Settings - defaulting to 0Mb?



I'm having problems setting a virtual memory paging size - even if I leave it to Windows to set the size it still reverts to 0Mb on the Advanced Tab page - when I go into the system settings and try and change it, it has the setiings I tried manually - min 190Mb - Max 300Mb. Re-booting each time!

When logging in as the administrator (or any other user) it hangs until I pres Ctrl/alt/del and loads my settings as normal. When I log on, occasionally a window pops up telling me about the memory paging size and loads as normal.

Any help would be appreciated guys.

standalone/Jetway 867AS motherboard/Athlon 1100Mhz processor/256Mb ram



Do you think that with 768M i can disable my pagefile safely ?
Will windows ACTUALLY perform better without one or does it work better with it enabled ? Does anyone have any real experience with this issue ?




Yeah, exactly what i was thinking...some apps NEED pagefiles to work correctly (they're probably expecting it as a part of the OS as it comes enabled by default). Besides that it should be hardly noticeable the increase in performance....oh well, indeed:

Better safe than sorry. Let it live ;)


I truly appreciate the reply from APK - thanks you.

My system is a new-build - 40 gig hard drive - newly formatted with only XP operating system, Office 2000 and my virus software on the drive.

Thanks again - any other suggestions.

occasionally a window pops up telling me about the memory paging size and loads as normal
What's the message you're getting?

You might try setting your initial size to zero. I guess if XP insists on zero, you might play along and see if it helps.
There are applications that need a pagefile. I run with 512 megs but found that a pagefile.sys of about 160 megs was required. I overcame the same problem as yours by hacking the registry manually:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\

you should have a string value entry something like

PagingFiles REG_MULTI_SZ C:\pagefilesys ?? ???

where the ??? are numericals

change this value to whatever you feel you need as a paging file, (mine reads 160 200) and check to see if they are the same in the other ControlSets
(ControlSet002, ControlSet003 etc.)
Good luck.

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So why does the pagefile have to be contigious ?

If it's on the same drive as xp then as its constantly changing size then surely it must become fragmented.

Or have i missed something ?

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Originally posted by AlecStaar

It does fragment as it grows/shrinks... if you don't set bounds on it!

* BUT, to form it? AFAIK, it has to have a FIRST INITIAL CHUNK of contiguous space to build itself initially!


Whoops !!!

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