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Virtual Memory minimum too low.........



When trying to update an accounting program, I get the above error where the page file and virtual memory gets completely used up in addition to the cpu going at 100% and the system becomes unstable. When I reboot, everything is fine. The problem seems to reside on the install or uninstall for this program only but I cannot uninstall it to attempt a fresh install.
I am familiar with the microsoft error message which is different. This happens only with the installation(re) or uninstallation of this same program.

Any assistance in this matter is appreciated.


Sorry, I was very tired last night and didn't include very many details.

Yes, I set it so Windows manages the virtual memory. I have 320Mb's of ram installed and I'm wondering if maybe it's a memory leak in an area that that program is trying to reference.

Any ideas. This is a pain because I am not able to uninstall or re-install or upgrade this program because of the memory minimum too low error as well as the cpu usage climbing to 100% and bogging down the system. In addition, no matter how high I set the page file virtual memory, the cpu eats it all up anyway so I just put it back to letting Windows manage and I'm looking for an alternative solution.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Memory leak sounds plausible.What accounting software are you using? Could be a faulty installation package. Maybe a patch has already been released to fix this. Ideally you should contact product tech support to get more specific and faster help as they've probably already had the same complaint analysed and solved in advance. :)
Best wishes.


Using Simply Accounting and nothing seems to work and they can offer no solutions to this issue.

Any other ideas from what I have already mentioned?


Using windows XP on a P3 500Mhz notebook. I'm wondering if it's just a memory hog with being on XP.

Perris Calderon

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ah, I just answered your pm, and I didn't realize you posted the amount or memory you have allready

you have plenty of memory for xp...from 512 there is deminishing returns, but you have plenty

I'm not sure I'm following what's going on

I'm guessing this program you are running is continuing to aquire information and not releasing it.

if this is the case, it doesn't matter how much memory you have, you will eventually run out of memory

when the system gets unstable, open task manager, look to pf useage

close the program down, and watch the delta, (the change) of pf useagealso, hit windows key+puase break, advanced, performance, settings, advanced

tell us what the initial minimum is too

let's see what that is

if you can't uninstall or over install the program try a restore before the program was installed

see if you still ahve the problem, then try to reinstall to a differant folder

I woul;d clear the registry entries associated with this program as well


It doesn't matter what i set the page file to, the cpu eats it up and uses 100% cpu in addition to using up all the page file memory.

When using your suggestion I get an initial minimum of 456mbs for the page file.

System restore was disabled so I cannot restore now. I thought system restore might have been one of the problems with the memory.

I will use spybot to clear the registry entries for this program and also go into safe mode to try to uninstall it.

Anything else, please respond.

Thanks for the quick responses......

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