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virtual memory error :(


The Voices Talk to Me
:( I had my virtual memmory setting set to 1.5X my ram witch is 1 gig. But today while playing AAO my game crashed and I got a message saying that my system ran out of virtual memory! I had it set to 15xx megs minimum and 16xx max, I now have it set to 2500 megs min 2600 megs max to make sure that it doesn't happen again. My pagefile is on my OS partition witch is a 44.5 gig partition, of that 24.8 gigs are available.

My questions are these:

1) With increasing the virtual memory, should this prevent the problem
2) could there be a problem with my pagefile, and if so should I delete it and allow it to rebuild itself? I know it is not fragmented as I have that system defragger program installed that runs at startup.
3) does anyone see a problem with the new virtual memory settings that I have set, and if so what recomendations do you have.

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