Virtual Memory Bug?


Long gone and now back!
Hi! I have this strange problem...

When I surf the Internet I can surf 5 to 10 pageviews and after that no more. Internet is behaving extremely slow. To bypass this problem, I have to restart the computer. My Internet connection is working fine (becuase Kazaa, AudioGalaxy and ICQ all runs properly). But not Internet Explorer. I've come to the conlusion that it might be the virtual memory that's bugging. Becuase

1. You can surf for a while and then some cache seems to be filled up, and when it's full, no new data can be stored and I can't surf anymore.

2. When shutting down Windows I get a message saying: "Windows - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low : Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied. For more information, see Help."

3. I've tried to increase the size of the virtual memory (up to 2 Gb for Pete's sake!) but nothing happens that changes things, I've also tried to have Windows take over the page file but no affect there either.

I'm running Windows XP on a AMD Athlon (1207 Mhz) and with 256 Mb of RAM. This problem might have been caused when turning of a lot of services from Black Viper's homepage. I've tried to make out which one might have caused the problem, but without result.

Thanks in advance!



I know people and some websites say "Disable services to increase performance" = CRAP

I run tons of things on my box with no services disabled and it FLYS !

You need to get everything back to default ...

Check firewall config

Purge all temp files etc

go to a command prompt and type sfc /scannow

I hope that helps


Long gone and now back!
Yeah, I did a system restore, and now everything works fine... you're right about services. I usually empty some ram when needed to, that's all and it works fine!


RE: Virtual memory bug

2 things....

KaZaa causes XP to hang when you browse the internet. Haven't found a fix for it yet. It doesn't always do it, but so far I've found it does it a lot.

Second of all, I know you said that it seems to be sorted by clearing memory, you shouldn't have to do this.

It sounds like a problem I had with an XP machine. I loaded a particular patch from microsoft and it's sorted. You can get the patch by going to windows update site and scan your system for patches. If you like I will find out which one it is.

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