Virtual CD Rom Control Panel - a hidden gem from Microsoft


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I recently discovered this nifty 60KB application for my need to have a free virtual ISO mouter.

Its tiny, its created by Microsoft and does exactly what its supposed to do with minimum effort minus all the bells and whistles!

I have 3 real drives (2 hard drives and one dvd-rom drive) and I can add an additional 23 drives. Limited to 26, so, if you already have say, one hard drive and one optical drive, you can add 24 more, or if you have a hard drive, and two optical drives and an external storage device attached, you can add 22 more.

It takes up very little memory and is extremely useful!

Works with XP and possibly Win2000/3 and Vista.

Apart from a couple of applications, the best software is free :)

just wanted to make aware of this application for those who want something free and works out of the tin as soon as required :laugh:

example of it at work here:
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Perris Calderon

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I wonder if you could boot to one of those trial os's on cd with one of the "virutal cd drives using this app

someone give that a go

nice app, reps coming


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Nice find. It's good for those who feel lazy to keep swapping CDs or require an addition drive. With such a small application, it probably takes up a lot less resources than most others.

Admiral Michael said:
Nice find, however I like Alcohol 120%'s right click file>Mount Image option :p
You can probably add a shell command for that. ;)


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'tis a great find indeed.

Now all we have to do is figure out how to force Windows to giving drive letters with double letters so we can have up to 52 :cool:

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