ViewQuest M318 USB webcam-crippling system!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Anyone else using one of these? (actually the M318B)

I am about ready to throw mine at the wall!

Posting this mainly as a caution, rather than actually expecting any help. Usually this cam can be used with no problems (still works fine on my old XP3000+ box!).

BUT trying to get it installed on my main box has been frustrating in the extreme - using the install CD for the "CAM-IN Suite" which is meant to carry drivers with it fails... So I plug in cam and aim to update drivers - having to drag all files from aforementioned old box over the network (quite a pain in itself).

But I don't mind this - I am expecting it to work in the end.... then I get to a driver file VQ318VEX.DLL and everything hangs... really hangs (power off reset hangs).... not only that, but if I leave the USB cam plugged in no way will it come back - will hang druing boot. Only resolution is to unplug webcam....

I have googled drivers and am trying to get hold of them - but the ViewQuest site seems to be running on dial up or something :/

Anyone happen to have them to zip on this thread? Would be appreciated.... [EDIT] Finally did get them to download, but they do NOT help whatsoever!) [/EDIT]

Also I am guessing that I'll need to do some cleaning up - does DriverCleaner handle stuff like this? Is that Shampoo thinger any good for this? Or other recomendations appreciated...

I would not normally post looking for help with this kind of thing, but thought it worthwhile to warn others in case they hit these sorts of problems - it has really riled me on top of my recent email issues (still unresolved) this has sucked up a whole morning of my time (for a WebCam that I may only use once in a blue moon!)

[EDIT] despite removing all I could find from both hard drive and also from registry - then taking download from ViewQuest site and installing drivers I still have a WebCam that hangs the system when plugged in!...

Anyone want a ViewQuest WebCam? Highly recommended for freezing your system stone dead! :dead: [/EDIT]
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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMmmmm... seem to have got it to stop freezing the system now (all I was aware of doing was swapping it to another USB Hub.....) but the drivers still fail to install - get a Code 28.... only been able to google similar problems (no real answers) - anyone have any ideas?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
a thought - but do not think so - uninstalled my Winfast - moved connection to front case - got driver install to go through (with cam unplugged) - now when I plug in freeze is not total, but is pretty impressive (left with just mouse and other things like clock and task manager even freezing!) - seriously puzzled - not frustrated anymore - will just use on other machine - and maybe buy a better one ....
check the .inf for the files to delete and the reg entries to remove.

or clean install - either works :)

If you need it only every now and then I have a creative webcam on my desk.

Permanent use I'd recommend buying a logitech cam from somewhere.

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