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When IE6 is doing the download - how can I see the complete URL (address) of file that is being downloaded? DAP and GoZilla don't "take" downloading when it is, for example, a CGI page...


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3 Dec 2001
You can't. Those scripts are designed to prevent "link leeching" so you cannot see the actual direct download addresses. Although most scripts can work with download managers, some hyper-secure anti-leech scripts (like those on "warez" sites) are very hard to bypass and get the actual direct download URL. For script based downloads you will sometimes have to disable the DL managers.



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There are no such things as "hyper-secure anti-leech scripts".I discovered how I can see the correct link address. Opera browser offers advanced file downloading system 'cause it has a download manager built in. When I start the download (ANY download - even from a cgi page) the link is automatically transfered to Opera download manager and there I can see the complete information about the link. By the way, this manager is quite good - it supports resuming, etc. And considering that Opera's free and has a JVM (also built in) I start to wonder what am I doing with this IE6???


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6 Dec 2001
There are such things as hyper secure anti leech scripts. I have plenty of friends who were / stil are in a few of the major warez groups left and on thier pages you CANNOT get the link without using a firewall such as zone alarm and setting it to log all data and such

you just aren't dealing with a page that is using one of those scripts. Opera's download manager shows you the same thing as if you had opened it in goZilla or any of the others. Trust me when you come across a site with anti-leech scripts all your download manager is gonna show is the CGI and if it's a good script it will disallow download managers anyway

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