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Videocard Question (yes another)


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I noticed many threads going on about the 9 series and all that.

I am going to be getting my new updated computer (expensive) and the only thing I have not decided on was the videocard. Originally I was just going to get another 8800GTX but that was before I even knew about the 9 series card.

What is going to be the card to buy for gaming? When will this be?


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If you currently have an 8 series card in the 8800 range (GT, GTS, GTX, Ultra) then its not worth the money, It would only be a minor performance upgrade for you. The only exception to this I can think of would be if you had a 320MB 8800 GTS. If you don't fall into those categories, then yeah I would go for a 9 series card.

Minor performance boost, drastic drop in temputure and electricity usage... plus higher over clock head room. :)

Sorry, I just read your post again and I see you stated you have a 8800 GTX. :-\ I'll leave what I said above, just in case it helps someone else.
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Sorry I do not have an 8800GTX, I have an 8800GT 512MB OC, but mean't to say I was going to pick up a GTX for my new system. Yet I would not want to if there are new gen cards that are worth it.


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To be honest, I've seen a lot of people saying that the 9 series cards aren't worth it but that's I think that's only like for like. Going from an 8800GT to a 9800GT probably just a waste of cash, but going from a 7 series card like my 7600GT to anything of the 9 series, from the 9600GT upwards, will be a good move. Going from an 8800GT to a 9800GTX, while probably expensive, will yield rewards.

I don't believe for a second that anyone should be buying an 8 series card at the moment - either wait a few weeks for them to drop in price when everyone replaces theirs, or get yourself a 9 series card when the one you want is out. If they're still too expensive, wait a few months for the inevitable price drop. If you can't wait that long, then that's the price you'll pay :).


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I heard its the most powerful card but not enough power to justify it.


I love my 8800. I'm sure its gonna be coming down in cost too.
It's the inquirer. They hate everything Nvidia because, sadly for The Inquirer (sarcasm btw), Nvidia was none-too-happy when The Inquirer signed off on NDA's and proceeded to blatantly break them.

So now they don't get samples like they did before and, because of the travesty of being punished for breaking NDA's, The Inq takes their frustration out by trashing Nvidia's products.

They are the last place I would look for a balanced and fair decision on hardware products.


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I read both Inq and El Reg. I didn't know the back story though, guess that does explain the harsh tone. Still I'm not paying $600 for a card thats only marginally better than I card I paid $400 for less then a year ago.


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I think they are funny.

But for performance, I like my HD3870, this series scales in step with processor performance however, but I don't have a game I can't max the eye candy on for my native 1680X1050. Plus they are being dropped to $159 and outperform the 9600GT at stock and overclocked.

As was elsewhere two 3870's or a 3870X2 will outperform any 9X series card at high resolutions and settings for less money now.


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$20 more for the HD3870 at regular prices VS sale prices. Sale price on the HD3870 have hit 159.99 to match the 9600GT for better performance. Plus Nvidia used the PCI-e bus for the clock generation and overclocking on this card is limited to hardware overclocking the PCI-e bus which can cause stability issues on most machines.

Of for about $400 you can pick up the HD3870 X2, just be sure that you have the CPU power to take advantage of this card. It scales in step with the CPU power available.


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I am assuming the HD3870 X2 is ATI then, and for the longest time I have never had or used their cards. I don't know if it's because of anything except that I started with Nvidia. And this thread is about Nvidia basically. Depending on the time I get most of my parts for the new computer I will be getting a 9 series card from Nvidia. Thanks for all the help.

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