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Videocar, Ram or Hard-drive???



Hey what do you guys think would be a better investment at this point considering my comp specs and date???

1. Video card - GeForce 4 Ti4400 - $319(CND)
2. Memory - 512 MB DDR333 - $240(CND)
3. Hard-drive - Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ATA133 (Would be combined with existing hard-drive with raid 0 enabled)

How much you guys think GeForce 4 will drop with release of Radeon 9700??? (Not that I think getting a video card right now is worth it...)


If you use your 20gig drive in RAID 0 with a new 40 gig drive, you'll only be able to use 20gigs (size of the smaller one). Who needs RAID 0 anyway? Does it really make a difference if you wait 5 seconds instead of 10 for a game to load?

I'd get a Geforce 4 4200 (can easily be OCed to 4400) + another 256 megs of ram (you'll save enough by not buying a 4400) if i was you...


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Hope you're a XP fan cause 512 RAM can make you problems in 9x/Me versions .

Instead you I would buy that Geforce4 4400 ( only Leadtek :D )


You own a tnt2 videocard? Enter the year 2002. That was in my Pentium 200mmx system dude. Get a better card for sure.


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Well if I could afford it I would it all. But since u have a tnt2 video card I might look at that for the first upgrade as u will gain the most from that as far as graphics go. The hard drive u have is a bit small so that would also be a high on the list to upgrade. That said since u didn't list the price for the hard drive see how much more it would cost to get a 60 gig instead of a 40 gig. Ram is one that u can wait on for a little while. That said going above 256MB could be dicey depending on what version of Windows your using say anything on the 9x going above 256MB of ram is not a very good idea. If its a version of Xp or any other NT based version of Windows then having 512MB of ram is fine.

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