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Video to DVD?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I want to put some of my videos onto DVD. Also looking for a tv tuner as well. Is this the type of thing I'm looking for? Been looking for a while now but the more I look the more confused I get. :confused:

If you scroll down to the bottom you can get to the specifications of it.
Yeah that looks right. Capture the video in with that card. Then recode (if necessary) and burn it to a DVD disc in the DVD burner.

As long as you have the disk space it shouldn't be a problem. :)
OPtions I've seen are:

Avermedia bought one for a friend recently works ok
ATI they have a tuner card
Winfast Have not tried their products
Haupage over priced as you said

Avermedia comes in 3 feature versions $40-80 try outpost.com
I'm getting a new system and probably invest into a vid capture card soon so i can convert all my SNL (Saturday Night Live) Tapes to DVD for easy access :d


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hauppage have some of the best tv tuners... I know from experience that the ati 9700pro can capture amazing quality video (and then be burnt to dvd)

the leadtek should allow you mpeg4 storage and it should give you a reasonable resolution as well...

the adage with tv tuners is you generally get what you pay for... the most expensive hauppage cards are GOOD :)

btw... the msi tv@nywhere cards are similar to the leadtek ones... but they suck...don't buy the msi tvanywhere tv tuner... whatever you do... I have heard better stuff about the leadtek model :)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Starting to feel a bit better going with the winfast tv2000 xp deluxe. I really only need it for a few tapes to copy over. I can pick one up for A$93. (US$61) Should be a good starting point. Thanx again for the replies. :)

Nearly fell off my chair when I saw the prices for those hauppauge cards. :eek:

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