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VIdeo Output out


I have a computer that was knocked over and it fried the motherboard. So i took it to a local shop and they tested the videocard and said it worked and confirmed that the mobo was fried. So I got a new mobo and hooked everything up. But now video does not send and all else is powered. Any idea on what could be the problem? Its an asus mobo so i don't have to load a bio's i don't think. Any idea on why its not sending video out? (There is no onboard video also, so it should auto send to the agp slot.)


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Perhaps the local store is full of it?

How do you know that teh mobo was fried? Most have so much bracing that they don't flex, let alone allow it to touch the case.


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i would try the mobo yourself but try it with another graphics and then add stuff one by one untill it dont work. Now if the mobo is fried then it could of also got some other stuff too


I am going to take it to work today and test in another machine. I think the computer place was full of it too. My brother was dumb and paid $40 for them to test them both. If the monitor out doesn't work then i am going to try the dvi port out and see if it works.. Will reply once i get to work


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Possibly a bad PSU.

You have a multi-meter? If so check the output on the powersupply.


I changed the powersupply from a 300watt from the origional box to a 350 i had at work and that didn't work. I am just out of ideas.. can anyone think of any others?

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First make sure voice reporter is on and if not sure it is then clear cmos.
Begin by starting up with no CPU. If you can hear a voice report through the green line out jack, the board is probably OK, and you can go on to step 1 below.

1. Nothing but the power supply, CPU,installed on the motherboard, plug your power cord in and turn power on.
2. You should hear a series of long beeps & all your fans should be turning.
3. The board is looking for memory.
4. That tells you your 'board, CPU & power supply are working.
5. Unplug power cord (very important as an ATX power supply always has power to it when the cord is plugged in).
6. Install 1 stick of RAM in the first bank, it should be marked either 0 or 1
7. Plug your power cord in and turn your power on.
8. You should get 1 long and 3 short beeps. It will be looking for the video card.
9. That tells you your PS/'board/CPU/RAM are working.
10. Unplug power cord.
11. Install your video card and plug your monitor into your video card.
12. Plug your power cord in turn your power on.
13. You should get a power up test which is 1 short beep.
14. You should see your CPU/RAM/video recognized on the screen.
15. You will get a disk boot failure because you have no drives installed. In this case everything you have installed is working.
16. Shut machine down and unplug power cord.
17. Install all your drives, set your BIOS up and install your operating system.

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You mentioned you don't have to load a bios, bit if you do get a video signal, it may well be worth checking to see if there are any good changes... Asus have a tool that mkaes it really easy to update bioses as well.

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