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video lag


Arte et Marte
Not quite sure what is happening here. I have a large chunk of digital video that I have captured onto my desktop via Pinacle (v9) and every time I edit it and it looks good on the screen - whenever I try to burn it to DVD the video begins to lag behind the audio (and gets progresively worse)

I took all the transitions out and tried that but it still does the same every time. It is a straight forward edit by trimming - although I have brought some clips forward and I have some photos at the beginning with music and voice over (which never goes out of sinc).

I am in the process of trying to edit it with Windows Movie Maker (never used it before) but unable to burn it off until some time this evening and so am at wits end.

Any pointers would be appreciated (could it be my burner - fairly new dual layer philips???)


Arte et Marte
Ahh well, not much response. For those who may come across this problem with Pinacle - looks like it might have been the rendering that caused the problem as the video was approx 1 hour long and I dont think it could cope with such a long file.

Used another proggie, and created the DVD with with Nero 7 and no problems at all. Hope it helps others

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