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Video HTML

I am designing a site (1st one) and using frontpage (yes i know, im new to HTML.) What i want to know is how do i insert a video into HTML, so that a new window opens and the movie plays within the window? Basically a blank page with the move inserted and playing in the middle (like apple.com with movie trailers) any ideas? I can make the page, but the movie inserted is what i don't know how to do.


Most of the time, they use producers to generate the code. You could check out the vendor for the movie you wish to embed to get the producer for doing it.

to generate the new window you can use javascripts window.open, or you can use a simple anchor. <a href="foo" target="_new">bar</a>

To get the video to play within your new window, i suggest you read about the embed tag.

This should get you started. I know your new, and thats fine... everyone needs to start somewhere, but I suggest using a better tool, such as Dreamweaver.
should be target="_blank", not _new. Also, in the html file where you want the image embedded, use this code (works in both IE and Mozilla).
<embed src="video.wmv" autostart="true" loop="false" ></embed>
just replace video.wmv with the path and filename to your video. :)

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