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Video Files / Explorer Problem


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Hey all, been gone for a while, but here i am back again (for those of you that might pretend to remember me :) )

Anyway, i am having an issue here, and i don't really know why. I'm making a DVD for a friend of mine in AUS, of home movies that he has recorded. He FTP-ed me the vids, and i was in the process of reencoding them for dvd (he doesn't have a burner). anyway, almost halfway through the files (6 of 14 done) windows started acting strange. when i would click on one of the files that he sent me, explorer would crash. this didn't matter if i single left clicked, single right clicked, or double clicked to launch the associated application (when i launched the app, both the app and explorer would crash). This has happened to my origional files, and the copies that i made to edit. He resent the smallest file, and it worked again for a while, then the crashing started again. does anyone have any suggestions/fixes for what is going on? Redownloading them from him again is sort of out of the question, because he has a slow upload, and can't leave his computer on all the time. This doesn't happen to other video clips that i have had for even longer periods, just these ones.

I have:
2 x Maxtor 80GB SATA in RAID0
128MB ATI 9700 Pro
1024MB Corsair DDR RAM

Thanks in advance guys
Need more details.
-What app were you using to convert?
-What app were you using to view files if you crash outside the conversion app?
-Can you view the video files all the way through.
-Did you reboot just prior to starting to work with the files? (Memory issue.)
-How were the videos created? i.e. were they done with an off beat codec.

Some possibilities are:
-The conversion app got corrupted (reinstall)
-The codecs are corrupted (reinstall)
-You have reached an area on your HD that has bad sectors that are unmarked by the OS. (First run disk check, defrag and then run a disk check of the unused space using a utility like sandra that will read and write to it.)
- You picked up or installed something that is incompatible. (driver update, newer codecs, spyware, virii (unlikely), etc.)


...will circle this city
thanks for the reply LeeJend. i knew that i was missing something. the files are all Xvid files, and i am using TMPGEnc to encode them, with VidrtualDubMod and AVISynth to script it. i don't think that my conversion app is corrupt, not my codec, because i didn't touch the last few files (because the first files started getting messed up). and i know that Xvid isn't corrupt, because i have a whole bunch of files that are xvid encoded and they work fine. it could be that the codec used to encode them was faulty, but i have a feeling that it is something inside of explorer. i'll test out what you said though. thanks again.


...will circle this city
Okay, i fixed my problem, so i thought that i would let you guys know how i did it, and what was wrong, incase you encounter the same issue. apparently it was ffdshow that was causing the crash, i guess that it became corrupt. i found out that it was ffdshow by going into XP Pro's events log and looking at the application tab. it told me when explorer crashed, and what caused it. hope that this information can help someone else out.

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