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Video Editing : Maximizing RAM Usage


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Hi. I am editing a video and I like to maximize my Ram usage for video only. How can I turn-off running services that is not needed for video editing so that I can use the extra Ram for the video editing? I had tried to terminate NIS2006 for example in my task bar but it would not terminate. What resources can I terminate? Is their a software that I can use for this purpose? Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.
ctl alt del. Processes tab.
I have 45 running right now and could kill at least 20 of them.
Click the memory tab and they will sort by amount of ram. Kill the big ones.
ieplorer 2x at 48 mb each
eudora at 37mb
msmsgs 8 mb
screen saver at 8 mb
avg antivirus 7mb
ati multimedia 5 mb
printer monitor 3mb
incd 4mb

If you don't recognize a file name google it.

If you kill the wrong thing don't worry. You will reboot.

Hint don't kill explorer.exe

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