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Video Editing App


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Guys can you recommend a good app that can be used to put titles on videos say im making a music video, I would like to put a title, artist, logos and the likes on the video...[just like in MTV and other music channels] tried using Pinnacle and blufftitler but I cant seem to get the effect that I wanted, I want to have titles fading in and out, and the ability to insert an image in the video with cool effects such as twisting or whatever, thanks for any input......

Guys i am not budget conscious, all I want is a powerful software with the ease of use, thanks again.....................


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Not worried about a budget...

Get a G5 dual 2.7ghz with 4gigs of ram and use my favorite video editing app: Final Cut Pro.

Short of that, Adobe Premier Pro is a great application as well. I prefer FCP (or Final Cut Express in my case) but if you don't have a mac Adobe's right there.


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As someone who has a career in this stuff, this is what I use:

1) Avid Composer. But that's expensive, so Adobe Premiere Pro is good if you have a PC and Final Cut Pro is great if you use Macs.

2) Adobe After Effects. This is a great program for making video graphics, such as fancy titles, logos, etc. I often export the video in my editing program at an extremely high quality (often uncompressed, but I also have 700 GB of hard drive space), import it into AE, and slap on the graphics and other animations that way.

I really would suggest the Adobe Video Collection Professional, if you can afford it. It's USD $1500, which is a really good bang for the buck, considering what most professional video software costs. If you're in college, the educational version is substantially cheaper. I think it's around USD $500-$800, although don't quote me on that. I can't find a price on hand.



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Adobe and Pinaccle both make excellent apps for video editing.

Depending on the amount of editing you will be doing, your budget for the package should adjust accordingly :)

Ati aiw cards ship with pinaccle for the most part and its not the highest end package.

A low/mid range package should be fine for you.
Have you looked at Nero full version. It has a surprisingly good tool set for making music videos including many built in title screens and effects. I beleive there are add on packs with more options also.


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For someone a bit too budget-conscious for Adobe products, and doesn't have the time or desire to take classes in their often user-unfriendly apps, I like the Ulead Video Studio app. But you didn't say what kind of vids you were making. For avi, you can use a freeware app called virtualdub (or nandub) that has plug-ins for titles and watermarks. For mpeg, vids, I like the Ulead program for really easy (but simplistic titles and graphic inserts). If you have the time and money, however, those adobe products listed above can do just about anything.

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