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1 Jun 2005
So I figured I'd post a new Post about something that was rather weird and I can't figure it out as to why...
My system setup as some know has Windows XP and Windows Vista. Now, here is the thing...
I decided to leave my video card settings on Stock setting mode (no overclocking). Also, I'm using the Catalyst Drivers from ATI (Don't want to try and have the same issues like last time with the Omega Drivers) on both systems.
On Windows XP, I have absolutly no issues on video related things.
On Windows Vista...
I can't play any games for long periods of time as my video crashes completly after a while resulting in the multi-colored screen effect where there is multiple lines of different colors nothing being distinguishable for anything. Because of this, my system is pretty much stuck in a hang and the only way I can fix it is by hard Reset of the system.

Would anyone have any idea what is causing this?
If you want quicker access, I'm using a Radeon HD 2900 XT 1GB
Sounds to me like there is a compatability issue with vista. You may have to update the driver for it to work right ...
make sure not to use catalyst 8.8 I've found them to be very unstable in OpenGL applications on vista. Can't speak for XP though. have the older drivers available for download:

Vista 64
Vista 32
XP 32
LordofLA - Well now that you mention driver version, I guess I should mention this was happening since version 8.5 on Vista. I at first thought it was a driver thing, and waited for the next version... and the next version... and one more version... and it didn't help. They either extended the time or reduced the time it would happen. As of 8.8, it extended it from 8.7.
Johnny - I'm using the correct drivers since I'm using the Vista version drivers on vista. Not the XP drivers.
It just annoys me because I wanted to test games running under Vista and possibly at some point work on mods that I might have to make sure of compatibility under Vista and it would be rather hard if I have to experiance crashes and do hard resets as I don't need to mess with my hard drive and such.
get guru3d's driver sweeper. uninstall your ati drivers, reboot, run the sweeper to clear out the last traces of drives and then reinstall 8.7.

I'm running a hd 2900XT 512mb with no issues on 8.7

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