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Video Codecs.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
I see video codecs left and right. I have installed a couple of them, and I'm worried that maybe they are giving me trouble?

I've been experiencing trouble playing some videos. They would freeze up with a white screen on start, but it wouldnt happen every time. Sometimes normal sometimes white. Sometimes they would revert to multicolor jibberish as well..

Is it only recommended to install one codec pack? Right now I've decided to focus on the klite codec pack.
it all depends on which types of video you want to watch. i currently have nimocodec pack, as well as, xvid pack and i can watch just about anything.


I would advise you only to install the codecs you need to get the job done. I dont see much point in having a hundred video/audio codecs that you will never use. Also in this way, if the codec does cause a prblem with your machine you are much more likely to troubleshoot the problem............
with gspot you can check which codes are needed to run the video. i dont use any codecs packs i only use the seperate codecs i need to play my vids

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