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video card reccomendations please!


Confused and Bewildered
POINT 1: i am not a gamer (but still, someday...) i mean it, i have no games installed on my pc...no patience for 'em

pt 2: i am heavy photoshop user

3: i like watching tv on my monitor and capturing same to disk

4: i would like dual monitor capability but not in immediate future

i'm upgrading mb to soyo dragon plus, athlon xp 1900, 526 mb ddr sdram, 2 40gig drives and other neato stuff (big income tax refund!)

anyway, should i:

a) get kick ass top of the line 3d card (meaning what, i don't know) and seperate tv tuner? if so , what tv tuner (pci) do you reccomend


b)xtasy everything / matrox wonder (new ati all in wonder is out of my $range; i have all-in wonder 128 now) or other single-card solution


c)stick with my ati all in wonder 128 (on which capture isn't currently working, may work when i have new hardware installed)

mostly interested in WHAT Is considered a good AGP card today...remember, I AM A VIDEO VIRGIN so be gentle...and informative

thanks in advance...missed you guys over the last couple days when i couldn't connect...thought i would go banananas

go ahead and turn this into a video card debate if you want, i've got a lot to learn

also what website covers video cards indepth?


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I used to really be impressed with the Matrox TV cards, but since that time there have been newer and better things. I took a look at the ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32MB DDR on ZDNet, and it might be a good bet for what you are looking for. It's got AV in and AV out if you want to connect a tv for your second monitor, as well as composite or s-video out. Of course it has a built-in tv tuner, and it's a 32MB card... and I think the Matrox one I used to like is only 16MB. I hope this helps... check out this link for more info on this card: http://www.zdnet.com/supercenter/stories/overview/0,12069,440164,00.html


Confused and Bewildered
thanks for the recomendation, but like i say the new ati all-in-wonder is just too much $

nobody else has any thoughts on the best video card out there?


Since you aren't a gamer, and a heavy photoshop user, 2d is most important to you. This calls for an ATI card such as you're using now only newer.
I'm sort of new at this too, but have found the video forum atAnandtechto be most helpful and gentle on us video virgins. :D Their other forums are equally helpful.
With XP I'd stay away from the ATI 7200 and 7000 cards. Too many probs with drivers from what I have heard.
Hard to believe that the new ATI AIW cards are out of your price range. A AIW 7500 w/64meg DDR can had for about $150 USD. And rumor has it, they should be dropping again within the week, cause ATI will be releasing some new cards.
As for me, I have just installed a Radeon 64DDR VIVO (Video in/Video Out)and just love it. No TV tuner,(don't want it) but can hook up my TV or VCR and capture or record to my VCR which is what I need.
Hope that helps


Matrox & WinTV

Id suggest you purchase a Matrox G550 (@$120) and a Hauppage WinTV PCI (@$45). The matrox is a supreme 2d graphic editing card and the all come standard with powerful twinview setups.

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