Video Card Problem ???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by percy, Jul 15, 2004.

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    hi. i just installed a fresh xp pro to my laptop and i noticed that the graphics are "waving" like a curtain. after the XP logo with black background and it goes to its "welcome" screen the monitor is like a curtain the fades from top to bottom like a curtain being opened, like a waving motion. from the desktop, opening windows, i can see a slight "waving motion" too. when i open an mpeg file with full screen mode you would see like "frames" movie not a flowless motion. it's like frame1 then frame2 but the mpg file is a contonuous file when i open in my pc.
    what could be wrong? monitor driver? graphics card? i have an hp paviliion ze5155.
    thank you. :(
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    If you can hook it up to a regular monitor, do so. This should at least tell you if the video card itself is working ok. I would double the video and monitor drivers and make sure they installed properly and up to date. Also check the refresh rate, and make sure it isn't trying to do something your monitor is not capable of.
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    if you dont have the latest drivers here is the download section from HP
    for the correct drivers and updates

    HP Link
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    it's also possible that some wires to the TFT are loose.