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Video Card Problem?

A lot of times I'll be playing BattleField 1942 and after awhile I see little gray spots moving around the screen, its gets so bad that I have to close out the game...

When I'm on my desktop or doing other things, everything is fine, so far its only when I play that game, I havn't tried anyother games I have...

Could it be the video card or maybe the monitor?

its a new card... MSI Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4400

I don't think the card is over heating... my case is about 35c inside and I have a fan under the card...

Any Ideas??

Thanks a lot
I highly doubt that it's the card. May be a bug in the game, something that calls for a patch, or something of the matter. Might be a screwed monitor, but most likely not. Try a few other games; I think it's only battlefield. Also, check that the CD you're playing it off is clean...
Thanks for the respond...

I'll try other games and see... I'm really hoping its not the card.. when I was playing the game and as soon as it started do that thing again, I touched the card and it was getting really hot... I don't know how hot a video card should be but this was pretty hot..

I'll let ya know..


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I am waiting for someone to post something about SoFII and MohAA having bugs coz it can't possibly be nvidia vid cards problems... we all KNOW that only ATi cards have bugs... don't we?


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MSI cards usually have nice cooling, I had two, the 4400 and 4200. ( I had a few chances to try out a whole bunch of Geforce 4 cards for a week ) I don't know just how hot it should be, but not that hot. I have an EVGA card and it has this really cool cooling thing on it, the card gets warm, but not any more then that...
Well I called up MSI and they said that the card is messed up and for me to send them the card and they'll send me a new one..

thanks for your help


Sorry but never in my gaming life have i seen any of this i have a GForce2 MX 400 clocked at 235Mhz it works at 43C and i don't have any problems with heating or those games battlefiled 1942 runs sweet and SOF2 runs even better!!! although when i installed Nvidia drivers 40.72 i got a resoultion problem it tends to flicker in and out of 60hz modes and 72hz modes??? is it wise to return to 30.82 drivers???

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