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I'd rather just get a near-top-of-the-range card and use it for around 3-4yrs before replacing it.
I haven't seen any need to replace my GF4Ti Gfx card since I got it back in xmas 2000. There aren't any games/apps that requires more than 128mb memory, nor have I seen any games that specifically require DX9 support from the card itself.


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RagnaroK said:
I'd buy as close to the top of the range as I can with my budget, and keep for as long as I possibly can.
I agree with this idea as it actually to a point works out to be cheaper as your not buying a new card more often so you get your money worth from it


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If I had the money I'd get one every year. Since I don't it's been 4 years since I've got a newer card.
I buy the top card as soon as it hits the shelf, which is every couple of months...but I have a severe problem....
Radeon 8500 - GeForce 4 Ti4400 - Ti 4600 - Radeon 9700 - GeForce 5900Ultra - GeForce 5950 Ultra....yes I know its stupid but I get bored....

Boy my parents would be proud to know how the inheritence is being spent ....:)


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Buy a computer, it has a card in it. Wait until/if it breaks, get a new card. Repeat with either card or computer when needed. :D


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my theory...

a top-of-the-line card won't last twice as long as a decent card, as it will only be 15-30% faster. and it will cost over twice as much. so it's better to go with the more modest card (slightly) more often.
mooo said:
so if i go buy a 9800xt then it won't last as long as a 9600128?
what makes the go bad?
What Taurus means is not that the card physically will last less time (though this may well be the case with all that auto-overclocking and stuff). He means that a top of the line card will not last (performance wise) through two generations of new cards.


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i tink the savings for buying an average card every year or so is greater then buying a cutting-edge card n hanging on for a couple of years... eg. a good elsa gladiac card would cost say S$600 or so compared to purchasing a decent card at say S$150-300....

(PS. sorry, i am using singapore dollar's, where the exchange rate is around US$1 to S$1.75... dunno the american prices on those ;))

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