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Video Card Input/Output on screen.


I think this might be somewhat of a bit of a hard question; but I wonder; is it possible to somehow a video game system to my computer; so that it shows on the screen?

I have heard of devices called VGA boxes; but I want one of those. I'm just wondering, with VIVO; how can I do it? Can I?

I want to borrow my friends PS2 over winter break; and play a little bit of Grand Turismo 3, I miss it. Also; want to play SNES a bit.

Here is my graphics card:

Geforce 4 Ti 4400


hardware monkey
you should have a tv in/out module thingie that came with your video card... it should have sound and video inputs on it... it's just a matter of plugging in the game console into those ports and using whatever viewing software that came with your video card.
Well; here is a picture of my device manager; I think I have all the required VIVO drivers that are needed. However; no viewer software came with the Card; just the VIVO cable; nVidia Demos; and Drivers; VIVO and graphics card. I tried browsing the CD; but nothing there.

Any suggestions for a viewing program please?



The Analog Kid
just a suggestion, read the manual for your video card

then connect the audio of your game console into the input on your sound card (you may need a rca to 1/8th inch mini stereo plug adapter)
Thanks for the audio tip; will get that connector. As for the manual; it's doesn't deserve to be called that; there is nothing in detail about VIVO; at all. I tried contacting the company; no luck there either.


hardware monkey
as far as hardware and physically connecting it all up, it's way too simple... you don't need technical support or a manual. you just need software.

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