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Video card HDMI


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anyone know if any of these newest generation video cards support sound through the HDMI port as well?

Im going to build a blue-ray media center chasis ...and this is actually important ...seems it should be possible to run the sound through the HDMI, but am unsure ..hence the question.
the ati cards support audio via dvi/hdmi. nVidia card's don't. You'll need to use a soundcard.

If you don't get any sound from the sound card take a look at anydvd hd :)
You know what someone should invent? A standard digital sound card output that can be combined with a DVI output into a single HDMI (say, a "Y"-shaped cable that plugged into the sound and the DVI with an HDMI female on the other end). If there were some kind of standard for sound-to-HDMI output, this could be done passively.


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Yeah Lord is right - you'll need a sound card which you then run through a pass-through cable to your graphics card if you want HDMI from NVIDIA. If you already have the necessary sound card however, you're sorted if you go with an NVIDIA card like the 9600GT.


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this all makes sense, but unfortunately, HDMI is the only medium available that has the capacity tocarry Lossless or DOLBY HD or whatever (uncompressed audio). I could be incorrect in my findings, but i do believe this is the case.

If not ..im guessing toslink could be run from the computer to the reciever ..and hdmi to the reciever as well (but to my knowlege you cannot combine audio input from another source with the video coming in via hdmi) ..now again i could be wrong.

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